A young woman leads a brutal battle against the phantomes of her past.

Through Bodycombat, a sport both physical and psycological, she finds the strength to confront difficult family secrets.

In the course of her initiation into Bodycombat, she re-examines the images and events that she's kept hidden in the deepest recesses of her being, trying to drive them out and conquer them.

A propos

The origin of BodyCombat is a play, written then adapted into a feature film by the screenwriter and director Jelena Remetin. BodyCombat is a return to the traces of a childhood and an adolescence that fell through the cracks.

It's the story of a child who was confronted too early with the adult world, recounting her relation with her father, the principle perpetrator of her stolen youth. With BodyCombat "Don't take any more hits, give them!"

Fiche Techinque

Genre: Drama

Lenght: 45 min