09 June 2015

It’s with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the premiere of the film BodyCombat, Friday, June 19, 2015. The first screening will take place at 8 p.m and the second at 9 p.m.

Come celebrate this event with us!

18 June 2014

Hello everybody,
It's been a long time without news of BodyCombat and we apologize to you, our dears BodyCombat fighters! We thought that we could present the movie in early 2014 but differents problems have made that the output has been delayed. Today we are finally nearing the end of this adventure of production and direction but a new one will begin: the life of the movie! We start to send the film to festivals and we will keep you informed of the dates and places where it will be retained! We are also trying to organize a private screening of the film this automn in Paris. BodyCombatly yours!

11 Oct 2013

Hello everyone!

It was a few months since we didn't give news on the progress of "BodyCombat" and we wanted to rectify it before your holidays!

The shooting has taken place a year ago now!

Since we have worked on the editing and on various grant applications, financial aid research and preparations for new projects.

We can say today that the editing is finished and we can move on the final step of post production.

So, with pleasure, we announce the film's release in early 2014!

We have made this project in total self-production with your support and participation, and it took us longer than we would have hoped but "BodyCombat" still leads the fight and it will exist for real!

We wish you a great summer and we'll come back soon with news!

Bodycombatly yours!

18 Sep

Finally we came at the end of our production on kisskissbankbank and we wanted to thank all those who supported us through the last three months! Thanks to your contributions, your enthusiasm and your trust. We want more than ever to offer you a beautiful film. We will continue to informe you about the progress of film on this FB page and soon on the official website of BodyCombat! Bodycombatly yours, forever!

01 Sep

SHOOTING with Zoé Besmond de Senneville in Croatia

29 Aug

Shooting in Zlarin, Croatia with Petra Hrascanec playing the Girl as an adult.

06 Aug


28 Jul


Today was a last day of shooting in France and we are on the road to the coast of Croatia...

12 Jul


The production box Tea & Coffee joined the adventure BODYCOMBAT!

This collaboration allows the project to make a leap forward with new partners, always talented! "Tea & Coffee was created by active elements from the world of television and new digital media.


03 Jul

The first part of BodyCombat was just filmed.

Many thanks to all of the actors who made it possible !

Bodycalement votre!