Petra Hraščanec


Petra Hrašćanec began her dance training in Zadar (Croatia) and went to school for contemporary dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. In 2004, she joined the experimental school dance Salzburg, Austria. She has worked for the company and for Zadar dance Studio for contemporary dance in Zagreb. It is one of the co-founders of the collective dance_lab. Petra Hrašćanec has participated in numerous performances in Europe including: Matija Ferlin Nastup of UTF-8 Sahar Azimi, Ksenija Zec and Sale of Saša Božić, Observing, observing Matthew William Smith, etc.. In 2011 she performed the following parts: Šeherezada K. Zec and S. Bozic, Love Will Tear Us Apart S. Božić, S. Nosferatu Božić, 14.12.2011. Begum Erciyas. She participated in the project internationalSpider as choreographer and performer in collaboration with Matej Kejzar, Micheale Pomero, Julien Monty and Saša Božić. She teaches classes in Zagreb Studio for professional contemporary dance, and the MCUK Acacémie SEAD.